An ISO 9001:2015 Certified


MEEMZA Group of companies commenced its operations in the field of Construction Chemicals and FMCG household cleaning products. Along with this MEENZA Group has been doing Construction and Agricultural businesses, for a decade. MEEMZA Group by the Grace of Almighty Allah has today grown into a renowned business house of national. Along with this Group started to develop its education network by the name MEEMZA INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONAL NETWORK aiming to give nationwide franchises of schools, colleges and academies.

MEEMZA INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONAL NETWORK has revolutionized the way education is delivered. It offers opportunities for educators to share best practices collaborate and engage in professional development activities. It promotes inclusivity by accommodating diverse learning needs and catering to individual interests, allowing students to personalize their educational experiences. During our journey on the Highway of Success, after overcoming barriers and setting new benchmarks; we have redefined the standards of quality of products and services. 

At MEEMZA GROUP, we have a dictum that is always followed: “Winning the customer’s trust and delighting him with the quality of our products and letting the innovative and value-added services automatically pave the way for achieving the objectives of our business “. And this focus has resulted in numerous awards and accolades to our credit which further motivates us to better our previous best.